Ex-Smokers can still RUN!!! Woot! See my Strava feed for proof.

Mwah ha ha, just when you thought lung pollution would stop you from running….HA HA….I’m super excited that the old legs can still move.  You can still run, even with the tar lung (if your doctor says it’s okay…disclaimer alert).  Here’s my Strava feed as proof….


Notice that I start and stop my run today in the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s parking lot.  They have a freezer which ENSURES that my post run beer is cold.  If there is maybe one person in the world that is reading this and thinking they wish they could run and stop smoking….I TOTALLY DARE YOU to just shut your laptop screen or drop the phone/tablet and just go run around the block RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW!  GO GO GO!  You’ll likely somehow make it, who cares if you walk most or all of it.  Then you started.  Yay, you.

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