Authenticity of the Soul: Takes about 30 minutes of running to get the brain flow going

I was feeling really high strung and nervous the other day….now that the Fall semester is oncoming and I’m starting to re-wire the courses I teach…I have these dreams about showing up for class with a bunch of students ready to learn and I have nothing to say.  Everything is blank or my whole lecture is based on car engines instead of the topics I usually teach and I’m confused about how my PointPoint got bamboozled.  Typical crisis style dream.

Anyways, running in the woods and breathing deeply, inhale for 4 strides, exhale completely for 4 strides with an extra little push at the end of empty the lunchs….and I felt like deep in the folds of my abdominal/chest area there is like an Artesian Well of deep soul ground water.

Like the true core of my humanity flows out from this little place like the water from an Artesian Well.  So there I am cruising on my runner’s high and thinking about how the groundwater of the soul is purified through the bedrock of the subconscious, substrates of experience….and humans, if they’re lucky, might be fortunate enough to drill through their ego and tap into the mineral rich source of life.

I remember I used to go to this Bible Camp that had an Artesian Well and I always like to drink straight from the flowing pipe.  You could taste the rawness and rockiness of it, like there were a hint of granite or Canadian Shield dissolved in the water like ice tea mix or something.  It was also a popular place to make out with girls…

Really, I think this writing might seem aimless or just re-iteration of things better minds have said better in the past….I still have to write it for me. The essence of flow experiences…the reason why Deci and Ryan created Self Determination Theory and developed Humanistic Psychology, why Jung spent his life exploring symbolism and dreams….has something to do with this groundwater and essential shared spirit.

I kind of lost mine I think or maybe I’m just to afraid to actually do what I would do if I was acting straight from the source.  *sigh*


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