The Secret Test: Part 1

At some critical point in the last 6 months I realized that I had accomplished everything that I’ve actually planned to accomplish in terms of my career and income for a long time…..I teach at a post-secondary institution, I make enough $$$ to live a middle class life in a 1st world country and my kids are pretty much awesome.  There’s not that much more I could ask for and that’s pretty darn good right?  But there’s definitely a sense of dissatisfaction with everything, which is totally dumb.  Why am I still not satisfied with life?

So tonight I sort of asked the kids what they might think is the next “level” in life and that was strange.  They all sort of talked about making lots of money and getting the perfect husband and all that jazz and I thought, ‘Oh Boy, great cultural transmission of values Dad.”  I’m passing on the good stuff somehow, seriously, they could be planning to be drone videographers for Scandinavian tourism associations.  Oh well, kids’ll be kids.  Needless to say they had a very thoughtful and critical debate with me regarding the potential fallacies of asking the universe for anything…..particularly a million dollars to appear on the table in 3 minutes….or that somebody’s flyer route pay doubles in a month for no reason.  Hmmmmm, kids….logical little buggers.

Anyways, I decided last night to start reading “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.  It has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust….for good reason!  I signed up for an Isagenix business group about 2 years ago and there was a “post a video” challenge and I posted that I had found this ‘secret weapon’  when I bought the book (conveniently located @ Chapters…where all secret weapons are found) and decided that I had found the confidential secret to blowing up the Isagenix world and becoming a gabazillionaire of mass proportion.  Seriously though, I was pretty shredded/ripped on Isagenix and the whole work out plan….but I couldn’t sell shit for the life of me so when I watched my video I was so humiliated I never could bring myself to read the book and take it seriously.

But, here I am, marking a bunch of presentations, making an Excel mapping academic pathways….and I’m wondering because I read a good chunk of “The Secret” last night and made a little sort of wish….and my wife found a couple thousand $$$ the next day.  So I’m kind of going to go on a little “The Secret” test for the next couple of weeks….I have trouble committing to things for a month so let’s try two weeks shall we?

I think perhaps the problem is that I’m not sure what I want.  Sometimes I kind of have fantasies of running through forests for hours at a time without tiring….and maybe having a little cabin in the woods beside a lake large enough to sail my fleet of Lazers (that I don’t own yet).  Pretty tedious fantasy, but also relatively easy…..I don’t want to be a billionaire perfect dude, just have a little boat and some time to run.

Well, let’s see how this goes right?


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