A run in with God

“Does Christianity create more pain than it takes away?” (in this plane of existence….suffering to avoid Hell doesn’t count)

Ominous License Plate

So I pull in for my monthly check in with my newly forming network of health professionals that are helping me explore the sort of recesses of addiction and psychology…and the car in front of my spot let’s me know that anxiety is mine to discover. I guess it is a personal journey of discovery…

The Ultimate Canada Day Test!

My aunt sipping a coffee and lighting one up right in front of me….ashtrays everywhere…you know to other people ash trays filled with used up butts look hideous, but to me they just are like a cue to smoke.

The Quit Techniques that failed

I suppose I’ve been delaying writing this for some reason, maybe because I don’t want to actually think about quitting smoking again because it’s just a tired concept.  The idea of quitting things that are bad for you, is it self sacrifice for trendy wellness status (and something to talk about over Matcha green smoothies)…

VO2 Max for Post-Smoker Me

So, if you’re a smoker, you’re probably somehow engaged in some sort of elaborate mental subconscious (and sometimes conscious) gambling equation where you measure the amount of years smoking (or even individual cigarettes you’ve got left….as in….’well, one more pack and THEN I’ll quit and I’ll be saved from cancer’) versus the likelihood of quitting…